Health Eating is an important part of maintaining a healthy lifestyle. Energy levels, concentration, moods, weight, height, skin, hair, nails and general appearance are all affected by the food we eat.

Useful Tips

  • Try and start the day with breakfast, it will help kick start your energy levels in the morning, and helps stop cravings later.
  • If you’ve overdone it, drink fluids and eat something the next day.

Exercise and fitness are part of looking good, feeling good and being healthy.Playing sport or keeping fit will help give you the confidence to feel good about your body, the way you look, and your abilities.Taking part in sports or joining an exercise class is also a great opportunity to meet up with friends or make new ones.

Useful Tips

  • Know your limits - take charge of how much you drink, don't feel pressured to keep
  • Adults should accumulate 30 minutes of moderate exercise most days of the week to achieve an active lifestyle.
  • Walking, Cycling or a mix of walking and public transport when going to and from university or college, is an excellent way of introducing physical activity into your day.
  • At your college there are clubs and societies doing activities that would allow you to become more active 
  • Dancing is fun and can certainly add to your 30 minutes moderate exercise so hit that dance-floor at every opportunity.


Stop Smoking

If you smoke and want to stop click on the logos for more info

Useful Tips

  • Tell someone that you intend to give up and ask for their support.
  • Make a plan – this will help you keep focused on giving up.
  • Pick a date to stop carefully, make sure it is not going to be a stressful day in college as this may make you crave a fag.
  • You may find it harder to resist if you are out drinking so it would be wiser to quit during a quiet time in your social calendar.
  • Talk to your GP about nicotine replacement therapy as they
  • really can help you quit.
  • Try stopping with others - join your local smoking cessation group.

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