This is not like previous entries..totally different..

Favorite??what comes to your mind guys?..

Favorite according to Cambridge International Dictionary of English, 1995,
--> in American and Australian spelling says, "best like or most enjoyed"..

1 of my favorite is KDRAMA and JDRAMA..

What are they about???

Korean Drama and Japan Drama

Not much i've watched but still want to share some..
IN THE LIST ARE (not much but still want to list out)...

1. SuSHI Oji!
2. YaSUKo To KEnjI

3. STAnd UP!!


5. NODAmE CantABIllE

6. Hana YoRI DAnGO

7. HanAZakaRi No KimitCHi E

9. ATShinCHi nO DanSHi

10.ZeTTai KaReShi

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