For this entry I'll talk much about my self..huhu..sorry im not really interested to talk about myself actually,but Ive nothing in my mind right now..just finished my 1st core paper..otak kosong abis skrg ni..

1.  Meine familia..of course laa..
2. Freund und Freundinen who ever yg xnyakitkn hati with words!!!..(tp mak slalu kate jgn benci org,nnt lg rmai yg benci kte)..

1. Chocolate!!!whatever chocolate doesnt matter..
2. Anything with choc flavor..(kalo g Dunkin@Big donut mest kne choc flavor) cream too!!(baskin robin sume taram yg ade chocolate or chocolate chip + walnut)..
3. Secret Recipe Mesti Chocolate jgk!!!
4. Gardenia chocolate n choco raisin
5. Choki-Choki!!!!
6. Strawberry + Tomato cherry..--> snack when watching movie or study huhu..
7. Cameron Bharat Strawberry Tea..
8. Mkn roti ngan Jem Strawberi..(jem lain mmg xmakan)..
9. Of Course rice a.k.a nasi laaa(kne marah kalo xmkn nasik hehe)..
10. Egg Roll!!!!!(sggup kluar jauh2 smata2 tuk egg roll)..


My Guess watch..used my own money!!!(jarang gune sbb syg)
CR Handbag..also my own money!!!
Polo Bagpack also my own money!!aiyakk
All that I got with my own money and effort..
(big enough to not too dependable on my parents)yeke???
and the most I love is....

Congrate to My sis and brother for the things that cheering our family up!!!!
I'Allah its my turn after this :)



Im writting diz just to take a break..wahhh stop jap study EMB 4633 Facilities Engineering,Transportation and Storage..this entry specially dedicated to those who likes sport huhu..its good for your body..buang toksin dalam badan..sihat!!!


For all of you will experiencing sport injury..for some,will take a long time for recovery..especially when the tissue+muscle is tearing..for worse case,when you experience cracking..huhu..

Then its my story..playing hockey for such a long time, since Im 10..hoping can continue playing when Im working..but its not like what I hope when the doctor said I cant play kuat2,jogging ringan2 pun kne kurangkn last 2 years..WHY??Its about my it Osteoarthritis??

Here Im sharing some valuable info..

Causes of Ostheoarthritis :
  1. Age  ----> im not that old
  2. Sex ----> really sure not cause of this
  3. Obesity ----> am I?no no im still in normal range
  4. Joint Injury ----> High possibility
  5. Heredity ----> im not in the middle age yet
Symptoms of Ostheoarthritis :
  1. Knee ---> Any pain is usually felt at the front and sides of the knee. In severe cases, the knee can bend inwards or outwards with fluid accumulated in the joints.
  2. Hip ---> usually felt mainly in front of the groin, around the side, front if the thigh, buttocks or down to the knee. In severe cases, the affected leg may get shorter due to bone on either side of the joint being crunched up.
  3. Spine ---> causes pain adn stiffness in the neck of low back(spine). Bone spurs forming along the spine can irritate spinal nerves, causing severe pain, numbness and tingling of the affected parts of the body
  4. Hands ---> women around menopause..
Treatment :
  1. Analgesics (pain killer) --> Im allergic with it
  2. NSAIDs --> and this too!!
  3. COXIBs
  4. Chondroitin sulphate
  5. Glucosamine sulphate
  6. Herbal & Traditional medicine
  7. Intra articular injections
  8. Joint replacement surgery
What is the best way for me??


Yesterday I share about holidays & travelling tips part 1..n today eager to share some health info..expected of SWINE FLU?MENINGITIS? noo no.. I want to share about how and what u eat..more highlighted is for your Holidays Picnic@BBQ..

This topic cross to my mind since I[ve been thinking why I got supplement a.k.a Folic Acid given by my sis??..she sad this folic acid can help me for my it?I'm not really sure..she knows better than me..she's expert already in her area..whatever~(susah sbnrnye kalo ade dlm family kte pakar pemakanan..nk mkn ape pn sume kne control ble blk umah~sigh~)even my parents cant eat suke2 hati..huaaa..

So..lets have some more info about what we have to eat a lot and less when u have picnic @ BBQ.. 

The truth is, not all salads have to be laden with fattening mayonnaise or dripping in pools of oil. All it takes is a little creativity and a few simple changes. Here are some suggestions.

Think color. Experts agree that the more color you have on your plate when it comes to fruits and vegetables, the more vitamins and nutrients you will get.

  • If your recipe calls for a bell pepper, use two or more peppers of different colors.
  • Try to have several colors of the rainbow represented. Add chopped orange carrots, yellow peppers, green celery and parsley, plus red onions, radishes or tomatoes.

Increase veggies. Double or triple the amount of vegetables called for in the recipe. Extra veggies not only up the nutrition in your dish, but also decrease the calories per portion.

Use whole grains and beans. Don't get stuck on just pasta and potatoes. Various whole grains and beans make excellent side dishes and are wonderful cold as the base for a delicious salad.

  • Think outside the box with barley, bulgur, quinoa and brown or wild rice.
  • Lentils, chickpeas, white, black or red beans are also great high-protein, low-fat options.
  • Whole grains and beans also provide a host of nutrients and are a good source of fiber as well.

Mind your dressing. High-fat dressings can ruin even the most well-intentioned salad.

  • If your recipe calls for mayonnaise, exchange for a combination of Greek yogurt (thicker than regular) and low-fat mayo. Mix in a little brown or Dijon mustard for extra kick and flavor.
  • Replace vegetable oils with healthy fats like olive, canola or coconut oil. Use smaller amounts. Up the vinegar, or use lime, lemon or orange juice for a citrus flavor.
  • Consider using a spritzing bottle for oil based dressings instead of pouring it. Use flavored vinegars; they have no calories and tons of taste.
  • Just a simple dressing of olive oil, lemon juice and garlic with a dash of salt and pepper can perk up almost any grain or green salad.

Putting it all together
Here are some ideas for combinations of veggies, grains, beans, pasta and/or potatoes to get you started. Remember, use less pasta or potato than the recipe calls for, and replace them with equal or greater amounts of extra veggies and/or beans.

  • Cooked pasta (small shells, elbows or corkscrew), a bag of shredded broccoli, chopped red onions and garbanzo beans in a reduced-fat creamy dressing or vinaigrette
  • Cooked quinoa, barley or brown rice with chopped red and yellow peppers, red onions, carrots and celery in a lemon vinaigrette
  • Chunks of red bliss potatoes, chopped large sweet onion, red pepper, parsley and diced celery in a dressing of reduced-fat mayo, yogurt and mustard
  • Brown rice with chopped tomatoes, yellow peppers, parsley, scallions and sliced water chestnuts in a dressing of olive oil, lime juice and chopped mint

Side dishes do not have to be dietary minefields. If you are not hosting, offer to bring your own healthy pasta or grain salad. And don't be surprised if yours is the most popular of all.

Is this info help you out?this info quite helpful..but might really not applicable to our culture esp malays..yeaaa mest la nk mkn sgale2 n sdp2 tym picnic or BBQ,kalo bole nk bwk fridge+dapur dr umah..tmbah2 kalo sume food fully support by parents..hahaha~


Almost forget haiyaaa..diz coming holidays..take good care of your health..keep away all possibilities to SWINE also a few info that you must read..(bahaye laa..da ade bape kes da kt Malaysia,jiran kite pn ade gak..Thailand)

When you have the flu, it's common to lose your appetite. But when you are sick, not only can your food intake suffer, you may not get in enough liquids, either.

When you lose more water than you take in, you can get dehydrated. Infants and children are at greater risk because of their smaller size. If you also have fever, diarrhea or vomiting, the risk of dehydration is even greater. And though the typical flu does not usually cause diarrhea, some strains may.

Signs and symptoms of mild dehydration
Though symptoms of dehydration can vary from one person to another, the most common signs of mild dehydration include:

  • Thirst
  • Less-frequent urination
  • Concentrated, dark urine
  • Dry, warm skin
  • Increased fatigue
  • Cramping
  • Flushed
  • Headaches
  • Dry mouth

Signs of dehydration in babies and children can include:

  • Being less active
  • Fewer tears when crying
  • Fewer wet diapers than a child normally has, or the weight of the diapers is less than normal for him or her

When to call a doctor
Always call your doctor if you think that you or someone in your family is dehydrated. Though dehydration is sometimes mild, the severe form is a serious medical emergency. A person with severe dehydration may need fluids intravenously (IV, through a needle in the arm) in a clinic or hospital.

Symptoms of moderate to severe dehydration can include the following, and will require emergency medical care:

  • Low blood pressure (acid folic quit membantu kot,I take this for my low blood pressure)
  • Severe muscle contractions in the arms, legs, stomach and back
  • Slightly sunken soft spot on top of a baby's head
  • Sunken dry eyes, with few or no tears
  • Skin losing its firmness and looking wrinkled
  • Lack of elasticity of the skin (when a bit of skin lifted up stays folded and takes a long time to go back to its normal position)

Call 9-1-1@ambulance if there is:

  • Fainting(used to faint @ office KLCC and Train Putra Wangsamaju-KLCC tym intern mencabar tym ni,ALHAMDULILLAH xde brg yg ilang)
  • Extreme irritability, decreased alertness, speech changes, confusion or unconsciousness
  • Seizures or convulsions
  • Any signs of shock, which can include severe weakness; pale, cool or mottled skin; rapid or weak pulse or rapid breathing

Tips for prevention
Follow these tips to help stay hydrated when you are sick with the flu.

  1. Drink small amounts of fluid often. Aim for small sips (a teaspoon to an ounce) every few minutes.
  2. In addition to plain water, make sure some of your fluids contain sugars for energy, as well as salts to replace the salts lost in sweat, urine, and stool. Some good choices include:
    • Fruit and vegetable juices
    • Soups and broths
    • Gelatin
    • Sport drinks for older children and adults (100plus,Revive and yg seangkatan dgnnye)
    • Oral rehydration solutions for infants and children (such as Pedialyte)
    • Decaffeinated tea with honey
  3. Infants or toddlers who are breast-feeding should keep doing so. For children who are not breast-feeding, ask your doctor to suggest an oral rehydration solution.
  4. Avoid alcohol and drinks with caffeine, such as coffee, tea and some soft drinks. These can cause increased urination, making the dehydration worse.
  5. If you have dry mouth and/or chapped lips (often due to breathing through an open mouth rather than through the nose), drink small amounts of fluid or suck on ice chips or hard candy.
    • Use petroleum jelly products (such as Vaseline or Chap-stick) to moisten lips.(murah je ni..kt Watson xsmpai rm10 pn..hehe)
    • Although dry mouth and chapped lips can occur with dehydration, they alone are not always signs of it.

Watch the person who is sick carefully for any signs of dehydration. Call your doctor if you think he or she is becoming dehydrated.

wahhh.. I start da entry with this selected topic..i find it quite an interesting topic..not for u but for me..hehhe..
I believe many of u had planned for da coming toooo.. I had planned it since da very beginning of diz year..going to OSAKA Japan..visiting my bff..huhu..travelling alone maa.. a number of acute diseases present..da latest 1 SWINE FLU..
previously BIRD FLU..haihhh..we have to be aware of parents' awareness is not premitting me to go on with my plan..what can I do kn~luckily lom book ticket lg..

dats not what i want to hightlight for diz entry..actually da most and foremost is i want to share few tips for travelling..

Before Leaving

* Allow plenty of time to get the relevant visa.

* Read up about your destinations before leaving so you can enjoy yourself straight away on arrival. Check out travel deals that are available on the Internet.

* Don't buy loads of new clothes - be ruthless when packing - most people can manage with half what they take.

* Take an extra duffel bag - it can be used as a day bag and to bring back a few souvenirs.

* Don't pack your passport in your rucksack - keep it in your hand luggage with your tickets.

* Try and memorise your passport number incase you lose it!

* Write down addresses of friends and family, you may want to send postcards to, in a small address book.

* Arrange for diabetic/vegetarian/vegan meals for your flight with your travel agent.

* Remove old destination tags to avoid confusion

* On the day of your flight call the airport to check that your flight is on time.

* Find out how many 'carry on bags' your airlina allows - luggage 20"x15"x10" is average

* Purchase some water purification tablets if you are planning a stop over in a country with suspect water sources

* Pack essentials such as a toothbrush, clean underwear and money in hand luggage, incase your check in bags get lost.

During Journey

* Reduce the pain of popping ears; suck a sweet, swallow hard or gently blow your nose.

* Try to drink plenty of water to avoid becoming dehydrated- the cabins highly pressurised air is very dry.

* Ask cabin crew if you can move to a row of unoccupied seats so you can travel in style.

* Minimise jet lag by adjusting your watch to 'local' time along your journey.

* Walk around a little on the plane to help circulation and make the most of any refuel stops for a good stretch.

* Try to sleep during the Australian night (the airlines normally turn the lights off to help).

On Arrival

* Try to be as alert as you can; weary travellers make easy prey for pickpockets etc.

* Avoid making long distance calls from your hotel room; it's likely to attract a huge premium.

* Make sure any taxi you get into is legitimate to avoid any shady goings on

* If hiring a car, collision damage insurance/waiver is a good investment

* If hiring a car carefully check it for dents, scratches etc and insist the rental company makes a written note to confirm.

* Carry a 2nd 'dummy' wallet with a small amount of cash in case you are mugged 

* Check for hazardous currents/ tides or dangerous marine life before swimming/surfing etc.

It is a Good Idea to...

* Book internal airline tickets at least three weeks in advance for discount.

* Get vaccinations for other foreign destinations before leaving.

* Never let a stranger look after your bag - they may steal or put something in there.

* Use reduced rate phone cards to phone home.

* Travel in a group, it is safer, cheaper and more fun.

* Plan a rough itenirary of where you would like to go.

* Book internal flights or transport before you go, as sometimes discounts are available.

* Travel in the southern states during the Summer and the northern states during the Winter.

* Buy a map if you are planning on driving, or a relevant map if you are planning on doing some serious bushwalking.

* Find the suitable Insurance policy that covers money, medical and activities.

so..for those who want to travel next tym,u may apply all da above huhuhu..kalo tanak pn xpe~lallaa

something to share with..

MIRI details flight..also TRAVELLING ALONE..huahuahua